How many photographs will be taken on the day? 



Everything depends on your schedule for the big day! Most brides love pictures that express the informality of the preparations for the day ahead. This is when we can capture the excitement and anticipation of the morning. There will be formal group shots to organise at the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Throughout the day there will also be lots of opportunity for the candid photos of your guests that really showcase the fun and emotion of the occasion. For example A full days wedding/event will generate around 500 images.  



This is dependent on how long we organise your shoot for, and what the shoot is for. I can give a better idea once we have discussed the purpose of your shoot.  



Do I have to chose between black and white or colour before you take the photographs? 


Weddings/Events and Shoots:  

 All images are assessed and then graded for colour and tone. If needed they can also be slightly edited to achieve the best possible picture. Should you wish to have both monochrome and colour produced for each image this can be easily arranged. 



Will group shots be taken? 



Of course! Having a visual record of your guests is one of the great traditions of your wedding day. The key to getting some great shots without affecting the joy and excitement of the event is a little bit of pre-planning. With the help of one or two members of the wedding party, we can gather everyone together to get the shots that you want. It’s always a good idea to give a “heads up” to those needed in the group shots before the wedding ceremony starts, in order to avoid too much herding and chasing after Great Aunt Maud who has wandered off! 



If photographing a family or a group of children there will be group breakdowns. For example for a family I will make sure we get individual photographs, sibling photographs, parents and family photographs.  


How long does it take to get the images back? 



Everything will be ready by 1-4 weeks after the big day - don’t worry you won’t be waiting for long. I may even send across a couple of sneak peak images in advance. 



After the photo shoot the photos will be ready within less than 7 days after payment (normally much sooner!), and on occasion expect one or two sneak peak images too! 



How are the final photos presented? 



You will receive all edited Jpegs in high resolution on a USB. Always best to save the files to your computer too, incase the USB goes for a walk about.


Should you wish to have anything professionally printed on a large scale, framed or put into a album this can be arranged too, after you see your photos. 



All edits will come back to you as edited high resolution Jpegs. For family or portrait sessions there are also printing and framing options once you have seen your images.

How far will I travel?




Everywhere and anywhere. Distance is not a problem and traveling costs are included within Warwickshire, however I do charge milage after that. If a hotel is needed for an overnight stay I simply ask that this is paid for in advance.  




Again everywhere and anywhere applies here too, and traveling costs are covered in the cost of your shoot within Warwickshire.  



Who owns the copyright of the images? 


Weddings/Events and Shoots: 

Under the UK law, The Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988 the photographer who has taken the images owns the rights to copyright. However, you will have all of the images in electronic format and will be free to distribute and print them as you choose for the purpose they were shot for. 


Occasionally I may want to use some of your photos to freshen up my website – you wouldn't be reading this if I didn't! Most people feel flattered that their photos are used in this way, however client confidentiality is incredibly important and should you wish not for them to be used we can organise to have a non-disclosure agreement in place prior to the shoot/wedding/event.



How do we pay for our photos? 


Weddings/Events and shoots:  

This is up to you, however I ask for payment before weddings and events, and payment for any shoots prior to receiving your photographs. For weddings or events I have put in place options for separate payments to be made - I know weddings can be costly and this can sometimes be an easier option. 



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